An admission

justamjustam Posts: 21,392
Last year was hard.
That's when I noticed that I've lost some of my hearing
there's been grief over the loss
turns out you can't practice with loud wind instruments
directly blasting into your ears for years without consequence!
At least, not in closed rooms slightly only slightly larger than a grand piano
Go figure!
The masks made it clear that I had been relying on lip reading somewhat
it's incredibly humbling to have someone earnestly speaking:
"Mumble bumbu mumble suuuu mumble?"
oh my God!!!
picture my eyes wide
(walk closer)
Can you say that again?
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    evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 2,103
    I like this one
    Vancouver '03, Paramount Theatre '05, Saskatoon '05, Calgary '05, Edmonton '05, Saskatoon '11, Calgary '11, Calgary '13

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