Flower petals

justamjustam Posts: 21,401
Who wouldn't want to enjoy doing something well?
No one!
In a life, the feeling of being able to use an acquired skill brings joy
and I understand that!
I guess there's no reason to avoid the inclination 
a pull, half twist, stumble, and swoooosh...
Just go with it!
yeah, I can bury a surprise
or hide a twinkle today
let's enjoy the activity of finding or hiding!
to walk on a trail newly left
it's a skill learned and honed over time
I can curiously follow some sweet scent or other
I will smile and let fall some yellow rose petals down this way
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    Ms. HaikuMs. Haiku Washington DC Posts: 7,258
    You've been busy, or I haven't been here in a while. Inspiring, justam :)
    There is no such thing as leftover pizza. There is now pizza and later pizza. - anonymous
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