JULY 24th Amsterdam, where do i get my tickets?

I have 2 GA tickets for the show on the 24th. I am traveling from NY. Not sure where I get the tickets from. I know in NY i usually go to will call. I figured Its the same for amsterdam. Its my first time going over seas for a show.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • BoltOfLightnin'BoltOfLightnin' South JerseyPosts: 708
    I will be there too! I think the 10C will email us soon and it will be the same - will call on the day of show. 
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  • Has anyone gotten electronic Tix for the European shows or is it all pick-up at Will call?  Thanks!
  • JudithvdBJudithvdB Posts: 5
    Received an email. Tickets pick-up is nearby Ziggo Dome. 
  • Anyone know if there's an alternative to pick up at will call? I can't travel anymore to the show, and would love for somebody else to be able to go instead to AMS. Unfortunately tickets are will call, so without me in the country - they'll go to waste :/
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