Pre-sale tickets Europe (Amsterdam)

Does anyone know how, when and where to get the tickets for Amsterdam July 2022? I bought the tickets a few years ago in the pre-sale but haven’t received the tickets yet. Contacted 10c a few times but no response yet. Thanks for your help 


  • lucianoflucianof Posts: 10
    Bought my tickets from Stubhub International and have not received the tickets.  Bought for 2020 show and tickets were updated for 2021 show, but not updated to date for 2022 show.  We have flights and hotel already paid for Amsterdam.  Husband sent me to London and PJ cancelled show.  Maybe need to stick the great USA.
  • JudithvdBJudithvdB Posts: 5
    I received the email with instructions where and how to collect the tickets 👍
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