Commemorative Tickets

DV78528DV78528 Posts: 1
I got some random commemorative tickets that I never ordered for a show I didn't go to. I'm very confused?? Is this a "gift" for being in the tenclub?


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    PoncierPoncier Posts: 16,375
    Big, bold and free?
    This weekend we rock Portland
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    LukinFanLukinFan Florida Posts: 29,027
    Poncier said:
    Big, bold and free?

    1996: Ft Lauderdale
    1998: Birmingham
    2000: Charlotte, Tampa
    2003: Tampa, Atlanta, Phoenix
    2004: Kissimmee
    2008: West Palm Beach, Bonnaroo, Columbia
    2010: MSG2
    2012: Music Midtown
    2014: Memphis
    2016: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, JazzFest
    2018: Wrigley 1, Fenway 1
    2022: Nashville
    2023: Ft. Worth II
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    gos22gos22 Posts: 5
    Meanwhile I can’t seem to get them for the show I did go to…
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    jefftjefft Posts: 655
    If you've got an la one there is someone looking in lost dogs for one.
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