ISO Posters - Telluride, MSG, Quebec, etc

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I've gone back and forth on buying posters at the shows I've attended over the years and am now regretting not having more as I'd like to use them to decorate my newly finished basement. I know a number of these are going to be tough to find, but am hoping to pick up at least a few to fill out my collection. Please let me know if you have one or more available for purchase. Thanks!

**I picked up an extra poster at each of the OKC and Denver shows to close out the 2022 tour if anyone is interested in a trade for the few remaining posters I'm looking for.

-Missoula - 2018
-Telluride - 2016
-Quebec City - 2016
-New York: Night 2 - 2016
-Columbia - 2016
-Denver - 2014
-St. Paul - 2014
-Lincoln - 2014
-Phoenix - 2013
-Baltimore - 2013
-Kansas City - 2010
-San Diego - 2009
-Las Vegas - 2006
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