Force doesn't work

Every honest person knows what they like and what they dislike

No one can force another to feel something they don’t

Every honest person knows what they love and what they don’t love

Every self-aware person knows this or that

sees this or that

wants this or that

Or maybe sometimes both

An honest person can love both ice cream and watermelon for dessert

A sensitive person can find more than one thing to avoid or abhor

Its living in the center of our own choices that makes us unique

Each individual who is awake knows that their life is most interesting with some variety

Love this, don’t like this, love that, don’t want something else

Moment to moment

Day to day

Year to year

My years are divided into two parts:

The school year of constant work and

my summer when I am outdoors

I love the birds who visit

I love my roses

I just planted some apple trees

I nap with the cats

I play the piano

I love the summertime

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