The freedom to have a child or not to have a child

These men wanting to take away a woman’s right to choose

They are not only harming women

Trying to keep them in the shackles of enforced motherhood

Hoping to keep single moms in poverty

Trying to make their bodies a source of shame rather than joy

They are not only trying to gain control over women’s sexuality

They are not only trying to keep women from being equals in the working world

Trying to turn back the clock to dangerous back-room operations

No no no no no no NO!

They are doing more than these bad things

They are not thinking straight even about how it will change the world for them too…

You’d think they forgot that along with the way things used to be for women,

the male member got less action too

because females needed to be far less free with their favors

Before reliable birth control and legal abortion intelligent woman were far less willing to allow a man access 

Because she knew it was HER future at risk if she got pregnant

It would be HER shame in a world that looked down on unwed mothers

These men who are trying to turn the world backwards...

They are forgetting the history

As a group, these men will get far less sex

It will become less available

Women won’t be able to give as they do now because they’ll have to worry about pregnancy

These men forget that young women used to WAIT until marriage to protect themselves from bad consequences

How many of these Master-of-the Universe Wannabes have thought of that?

It was access to birth control and abortions that allowed all the free access to sex that these men take for granted

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