Member poster sales? Online?

Sorry if this is the wrong section (new to the boards). I am a longtime DMB poster collector (fan club member as well), and often times members with fan club tickets have a chance to order the poster the day of the show. Is there any similar deal with PJ shows? I know the merch booth is open super early & generally outside of the venue and worry that non ticket holders will scoop them up. Is there a ticket required policy for limited items like posters? If no online sale is done, I guess I’ll trek to venue at lunch, try for a poster then come home & head back at showtime. The venue is quite a drive from home so not excited about driving there twice in a day for a better chance at obtaining a poster. (I abhor flippers & only get 1 for my collection of shows attended). The only benefit of going at lunch would be that I can get my print home safely and not have to worry about it at the show. 

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated! (I do have a plastic tube with strap for shows… I assume those would be allowed as it states tubes are ok?)

Thanks again for any help! See y’all in AZ. 
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