I want to write a poem about lawn movers.

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I want to write a poem about lawn mowers
Because the other day I went for a walk
And at the start of the walk there was a power lawn mover
Shredding my ears with it's incessant noise.

As I kept moving further away
And the sound grew less harsh
The smell of fresh cut grass lingered and
My thoughts drifted back to another time.

I could feel the grip of the push mower
As it mowed across the lawn
Finely shredding blades of grass between
The base plate and hand sharpened blades.

I could hear the gentle whir 
Of the nearly noiseless moving parts
And could feel the mildly tightening muscles
Of hands on mower's handle.

I reached the turn around point of my walk
Only to end up near another power mower
That was taking up the call to arms
To shred my ear yet a little more.

I tried to push the noise out of my head
And remember the better days of push mowers
And decided right then and there that
I want to write a poem about lawn mowers. 


The poem I wrote in my head was much better than this one.  It was spontaneous and nearly perfect.  That's how it always seems to go when I am walking and have no pen nor paper.

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