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I’m seeking a larger audience in the hopes of being attention to this cause.  A young boy from my hometown started a food pantry to assist families with food insecurity locally.  He is now, at 7 years old in a battle with Cancer.  His mother has had to quit her job to be by Shane’s side in Boston while he receives treatment and waits for a bone marrow transplant.  She is a single mother of 2.  Donations are not expected but are appreciated.  In lieu of donations, I ask that you share this story to anyone who may be able to help this family, including any contacts for charities that the band is involved with.  I’ve included the Go Fund Me link below.  I understand we’re in the age of internet security scams and people wish to verify.  There is a Facebook Page titled Shane Strong, the family lives south of Boston in Carver, Ma.  His name is Shane McColgan.  Thank you for reading this Jamily.

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