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No plan but perhaps a short stream?

justamjustam Posts: 21,348
Every now and then,
I remember something beautiful
you know how that is...
maybe stumble over a memory?

some days are so busy but empty too,
drab, dry, dark
the unexpected sparkles in the dirt are a relief!
I feel that tiny levitation
oh yeah, there was that...

do you ever have days like that?
moving along thinking I'm here now
I'm here now
this is all there is
it really isn't all there is

there's more if we can remember it
brush off the dust,
scrape off the mud,
wash off the sweat,
there's more to life than toil

I know it
I just have to remember  
could be only ice crystals sparkling on the lawn
or rainbows in the oil of a day
but sometimes I stumble over a thought
I just forgot!



  • Ms. HaikuMs. Haiku Washington DCPosts: 7,086
    I like how you use the different types of font to direct the reader.
    There is no such thing as leftover pizza. There is now pizza and later pizza. - anonymous
    The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math - The Mincing Mockingbird
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