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Vinyl For Sale - Vaults, Mad Season, Third Man Vaults, others

marjenmarjen CTPosts: 735
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So I kind of have a rule where if I start a new hobby I need to try and fund it from one of my existing. I have a lot going on and most of the things are pricy, lol (mountain biking, home theater, record collection, gave up home brewing to fund MTB). So with that said I am looking to fund a new adventure so I am parting ways with some of my Vinyl collection. All are in great shape. I honestly dont even think I have played most of the vaults through. And the others might get spun once a year. I tried to price fairly based on data from discogs. Will work with someone if they want more than one. Shipping will be at buyers expense and I need to figure out how to ship the vaults as they are too big for standard mailers, any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Here’s the list:
Pearl Jam Vault Series
#4 - 5/10/10 $175 - SOLD
#5 - 11/30/93 $225
#6 - 7/13/98 $160 - SOLD
#7 - 7/11/97 $225
#8 - 8/29/05 $90 - bubble on cover
#10 - 10/17/14 $200

Third Man Records Vaults
#29 Pearl Jam Live at Third Man Records $100 SOLD
#49 Bob Dylan (Sealed) $100

Ed Sheehan - X -Green Translucent $125
The Storkes - Is This It - Blue/Gold Translucent $200
Mad Season - Seattle Symphony Orchestra - 10 club version (Sealed) $200 SOLD

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  • landolinkslandolinks HoustonPosts: 28
    pm sent
  • Go AnimalGo Animal Posts: 1,043
    Definitely interested in the Third Man set! What's the new adventure, btw? :)
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    09/22/09 - Seattle II                    

    Song Wishlist: Oceans, Wash (either version), Brother, Alone, Let Me Sleep, Hold On, Aye Davanita, Satan's Bed, Gremmie Out Of Control, Around The Bend (full band), Don't Gimme No Lip, Pilate, All Those Yesterdays, Parting Ways (full band), You Are, Bu$hleaguer, Strangest Tribe, Undone, Of The Earth, Love Reign O'er Me, Mother, Comfortably Numb, and the Mamasan Trilogy.
  • If I didn't already have 3rd Man & MS / Seattle Symphony, I would be all over those. 
  • ConorKavanaghConorKavanagh The CottagePosts: 1,013
    Darn it. I've been keeping my eyes open for a Sonic Evolution. Are the 2 Third Man sets still available?
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  • marjenmarjen CTPosts: 735
    updated sold list
  • GratefulJamGratefulJam Posts: 1,742
    pm sent
    "thru extensive negotiations we managed to get the curfew moved back..... we still don't have any time to fu&k around...."

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  • 87astro87astro North CarolinaPosts: 6
    PM sent :)

  • marjenmarjen CTPosts: 735
    8 is back up for sale. 
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Calgary ABPosts: 4,450
    Buy with extreme confidence. Vinyl arrived as advertised. Excellent packaging and great communication. I am now going to spin this mofo! 
  • marjenmarjen CTPosts: 735
    Updated sold. 
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