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It's Fun Time...

LetMySpiritPassLetMySpiritPass Lakewood ColoradoPosts: 26
I'm giving away a sealed Ten Legacy Edition CD to the best actual photo taken by their personal camera from any 1995 PJ show.
I'm a huge 1995 Vitalogy tour fan and want to see if anyone out there took any of their own photos from any of the band's stops during that tour.
I'm going to let this run through midnight December 15th and I'll pick a winner. So go through your old photos and PM me what you find. I'll even see if I can throw in some extra PJ goodies just to make this interesting! Good luck!


  • These sets are so cool! I picked up the 3 disc version years back and I love how they packaged em'
  • LetMySpiritPassLetMySpiritPass Lakewood ColoradoPosts: 26
    OK, so nooooooobdy chimed in with answers. So, we're going to change this game a little. Prize will remain the same. Only PM me your 1995 Red Rocks pics. Either night of the 2 they played there will do. Maybe I'll get lucky and get sent one that I've never seen before.
    I'll pick the best winner on Friday the 21st! Good luck!
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