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Pearl Jam Open Mic Night

Hey, looking to get some musicians who’d like to play a song over a zoom event featuring a bunch of community members get a chance to show their talents. It’s happening on the 16th. If you want to participate, please fill out the info at this link:
Hi, I host a Pearl Jam Podcast. We go back to some of the classic shows in their history and break down the entire setlist front to back. From historic perspective, to performances, to setlist construction, to fan stories. We do our best to capture the magic that is their live act and help you relive those memories, or if you weren't there, maybe turn you on to a show you've never heard before.

Live On 4 Legs can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify and any other major podcast platform. But please support our website and check out the episodes archived there. Oh, and the Concertpedia as well (for you Five Horizons and Two Feet Thick fans, we've picked up where they've left off)


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