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the demise of hard tickets….



  • GlowGirlGlowGirl New York, NYPosts: 3,900
    kramer73 said:
    GlowGirl said:
    kramer73 said:
    Check out Etsy.  There are some people who will make a ticket for you.  I’m going to do that for a concert in January for my ticket stub book.  

    I will be honest, the first show I bought a ticket for earlier this year did not have a paper ticket, and I really almost didn’t get a ticket because there wasn’t a hard ticket.  
    Thanks. I may do that. This past year I wasn’t able to even have the option of a hard ticket for several shows I went to. There was no mail option. I found a template online that mimics a ticket. I just put in all of the information from the downloaded ticket. Then I print it out and put it in my ticket album. But it is not the same. The good thing is I have all the information on the fake ticket if I ever decide to get them made more properly. I will check out Etsy. Thanks. 
    This is the one I plan on using.  They have their own name thing in it, but I’m ok with that.  

    Thanks. I will check it out. The template I use online is similar. I am away for a few days but when I get home I will post a photo of one I made. It won’t let you use the name Ticketmaster on the side. But it will let you use Ticketmaster with a period at the end (Ticketmaster.). So it looks close. 
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 3,411
    brianlux said:
    Wobbie said:
    brianlux said:
    Thankfully, I kept many of mine:

    is that a book you wrote?

    It is, copyright 2018, 258 pages.  Took a couple years to write it, six revisions, two major edits (thanks to my oh so patient wife!).  It's a bit frustrating though because there's so much more I want to add just from the last 3 years (but I did basically say at the end that the story never end until I do).
    I still have a few copies on as per below.  The not-so-good news:  I ain't no Robert Christgau or Greil Marcus or Mick Wall, etc.
    The good news:  the price is reasonable- each one cost me a little more to have published than the selling cost plus shipping, and each copy comes with a $1 million bill.   Neither Robert, Greil, nor Mick can make that claim.  :lol: 

    great read while spinning some tunes. Great to connect with Brian while reading too. but it now!
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