Conversation slower than ice melting

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It is so quiet

but that’s the new normal now


I heard your thought

and I was frozen on my feet

I was!

like usual, I thought about it

and I felt it

let it spread out

wider, farther, drifting beyond sight

it’s no wish of mine to explore the cold space

so why am I drifting out to the distant reaches?

But no matter

empty air can be lonely but it isn’t asking for anything

A companion expects a response

An empty chair is undemanding

my unrealized wish was to be near

yet I’m here instead

Tap out a message for the space alien




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    Ms. HaikuMs. Haiku Washington DC Posts: 7,258
    Whenever I look at the Poetry, Prose, Music, & Art thread you are always posting poetry. Your dedication is inspiring, justam.
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    justamjustam Posts: 21,402
    Thanks Ms Haiku. 
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