The Haves Lyrics

WW187806WW187806 Long Island, NY Posts: 551
Have any bright souls been able to put to paper the lyrics to this tune that has only been played once? From the clip I saw it sounds DEEP!


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    cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 8,668
    I could put it together I bet.  I love the song. 
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    cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 8,668
    Here’s a bored Sunday morning attempt at the Second verse and chorus…..

    I swear we used to do this 20 yrs ago here for bridge school concerts.  Figuring out Thin Air and Nothing As it Seems. :lol:

    Why don’t you know

    That I know

    When you’re hurtin after all these years I know

    Like Siamese twins I can feel every one of your senses

    We’re just the same. 

    One condition of…..??…….(I have no idea)

    We want what we need 

    We need what’s above

    We’re always reaching for something above(??)

    But we’ve got enough 

    All of the haves. 

    They have not, not got half of what we’ve got

    You’re sitting so high when you’re down on the floor 

    It’s easy to be wanting, to be wanting more

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    WW187806WW187806 Long Island, NY Posts: 551
    not a bad first attempt. thats about what I HAVE.
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