Ocean Pulls

I don't know if this is any good or not. Haven't written anything in a while. But it's raining and I've been listening to the Flag Day soundtrack all morning. Be gentle. 

The rain just keeps fallin'
No matter what I do or say
The sun just keeps callin'
All I ask is just one ray

The leaves twitch with every drop
They appreciate the drink
The bark has lost its bite
I don't need this day to think

When the last drop falls
Back to the status quo
When the last cloud drawls
Wander these streets, to and fro

My well is full 
So I can't reach the wishes
My ocean pulls
So I can't catch the fishes

Trip over my own two feet
Drowning in a puddle
Not even an inch deep
Cut life in half on the double

There's a rain forest 
Just outside my window
Reach out and touch it
My poison hand, lest it grow
Flight Risk out NOW!



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    SpunkieSpunkie I come from downtown. Posts: 5,942
    Some meet poetry with poetry. Well done.
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