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ISO Los Angeles 1998 and a few others

mace1229mace1229 Posts: 6,153
After a lucky score in the last round of mystery boxes I got a few posters I didn’t think I’d ever own. Been casually keeping an eye out and blurb several others recently and am finally down to my final 4 on my list. With just 4 left I’m hoping to compete my set.

Next one I’m hoping to knock off is 1998 LA. Looking at the $350 range depending on condition. EB 6 month average is at $500, but that’s because of 1 that sold for $850 while the rest look to be under the $400 range, so I’m thinking that is a fair price.
The other 3 are San Diego/LA 2000, Fresno/San Bernardino 2000, San Diego 2003. Hoping to get the 1998 first, but if I can’t find one or the price is right I’ll consider the others.
 Minor damage is fine as long as the price reflects it and it frames out easily.
Thanks for checking.


  • I might have an LA for you, it’s framed (and has been since 1998). Let me mull it over. PM me and let me know if find another one in the meantime. 
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