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HX Stomp XL / Line 6 Helix

I'm considering getting a HX Stomp XL ... was interested in the HX stomp a year ago but passed on it because I figured I would need to add an extension as the HX stomp only had three foot switches ... then I saw Line 6 just release an XL version recently for $150 more that has more stomp buttons, but is essentially the same as the HX Stomp in function and processing power. 

Just curious if anyone has used the Helix line and what they thought of the sound and function.  It looks like a well thought out machine.

Line 6 updated the Stomp line where you can run 8 blocks (vs 6) at a time, as long as there is enough processing power.


  • Jason PJason P Posts: 18,899
    Well I ended up returning an amp i got a month ago and got the HX Stomp XL (Sweetwater didn't bat an eyelash for refund) ... I have the outputs going to my mixer and play through my studio monitors ... figured since I'm just playing in my studio right now this will allow more flexibility and also help me model and try out a whole slew of amps ... it will also help me figure out effects pedals.  I have a few pedals that i can chain anywhere into the internal block chain ... it appears to be very flexible.

    In the next few weeks I plan to see if can be used as a midi controller ... I have a looper in my Synthstrom Deluge (magic musical box) that I'm hoping to be able to control with the HX foot switches via MIDI.  The Deluge controls MIDI for my other synths and drum machines so I should be able to trigger those as well with foot switches.  The 2 expression pedal inputs can control modeled WAH's and volume ...  this could be pretty amazing once / if I can figure it out.

    Connectivity is expansive ... setup allows for:

    * Standard setup along with FX pedals into amp
    * 4-Cable method using your amp return and send into the HX
    * Direct to powered speakers (or mixer as I have currently setup)
    * Studio interface into DAW, eliminating the need for an audio interface.  Also allows for keyboard / synths to connect to the HX and use in DAW ... my mixer does this but it may come in handy
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