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FS - PJ 06 DC Klausen AP

Jimmydean55Jimmydean55 Posts: 585
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Anyone in Chicagoland area interested in buying a framed 2006 DC Klausen AP? Mint condition, framed with museum glass and archival mounts. No tape, no dry mounting. I’m willing to meet up to make a deal. Have board references. Asking $1300. Thanks!

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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 24,690
    Oh man, that is so badass.  Good luck with your sale!
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  • Jimmydean55Jimmydean55 Posts: 585
  • P34RL J4MM3RP34RL J4MM3R Posts: 1,234
    That is a nice one.  Well Done.  Wish I could afford it.
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  • Jimmydean55Jimmydean55 Posts: 585
    Thank you very much. If someone in the area has an offer, I’m willing to listen. Not coming down too much though. 
  • Jimmydean55Jimmydean55 Posts: 585
    Price bump 
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