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Ohana tickets question

Does anyone know if Sunday tickets will ever drop below $725?


  • Lumpy1661Lumpy1661 Posts: 213
    Does anyone know if Ohana Sunday tix will drop below $725?
  • PJNBPJNB New BrunswickPosts: 8,588
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    There are drops a couple of times a week for something close to face value on the exchange site. Hard to predict though when obviously and so few of drops it really is not feasible to just sit there and refresh all day. The best chance you have is to either get lucky with a drop like I mentioned above or find an international traveller that has decided that they are not going. They have to sell on the exchange since their bracelet is willcall. Use this forum or Facebook groups as a method to find them and line up a time for the drop. 

    Also there are a shit ton of scammers on social media. Never pay anything up front. Ask to do it on the exchange even though the fees suck and if they back out its likely a scam. 
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  • Lumpy1661Lumpy1661 Posts: 213
    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated!!
  • Lumpy1661Lumpy1661 Posts: 213
    And if anyone on here wants to sell 2 for Sunday please lemme know. I also have a cool Yield Era? PJ bowling shirt to add to the mix
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