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FS: Posters PJ/EV/CCFA 1995-2018 (2nd list combined with 1st)

zmanzman Posts: 497

updated list with 70+ new posters (140+ in total avail currently)

previous thread ( covered 1995-2009, this one encompasses that list as well as extending to 2018  

*can provide actual pictures of items at request
*actual shipping cost to be added 
*paypal F+F or check/MO please
*please excuse any typos, i put this list together rather quickly




  • zmanzman Posts: 497
    updated excel to be public. sorry bout that 
  • Vince35Vince35 Posts: 32
    PM sent 
  • JamesNJamesN Fort LauderdalePosts: 152
    edited June 16
    PM sent
    Looking for #73/Boston
    Interested as well in #107 if it is the Klausen big blue wave
    Post edited by JamesN on
    Wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real well...
  • gado15gado15 Posts: 80
    PM sent
  • zmanzman Posts: 497
    update.... sold the 03 Raleigh. USPS crushed it. refunded buyer in full. 

    looking for someone who wants it at a reduced price. make me an offer.  

    it looks salvageable, just has wrinkles in it. 

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