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Silent No More

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I'm starting from the beginning.

Mom was about six months pregnant when they took that last trip to Hawaii.  So, technically, I've been there, as a fetus.  Dad always reminded me of Elvis those first years at the house on Ranchview.  He even looked like him a little in pictures.  He sang for our church choir.  He loved to sing.  He sang in an Oklahoma musical during his high school days.  Both mom and dad loved music.  Their combined record collection was very impressive.  When dad died about five years ago, I split it up between my brother and I.  Their love for music stayed true in both of us throughout time.  Our grandpa and grandmas on our mom's side all played piano.  Grandpa played drums and harmonica as well and sang in the choir.  I guess I thought I would always take after them as well.  I loved to dance.  I always wanted to play piano in grade school, but my parents couldn't afford the lessons at the time.  Before we knew it, the rug was pulled right out from under us and we almost went bankrupt.  But the love of music has always remained.  It helps soothe the savage work day.  Singing along is very therapeutic.  Knowing all the words by heart and and living them, breathing them is what life is all about.  Singing from your soul is everything.  Some artists just get you better than others.  They are like kindred spirits.  The aching in their voices is the same pain and suffering that you experience in life.  They put it into words beautifully.  Eddie Vedder and Michael Stipe have always done this for me.

I will add more as time goes on.  I have learned to not share too much at once.  There are many who are not to be trusted.  The last five years have done a number on me.  I will share more as God allows.

Thank you all for your time.
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  • pickupyourwillpickupyourwill Posts: 3,127
    Eddie was like Odysseus from The Odyssey.  You can hear it in Dance of the Clairvoyants.  The gypsies, sirens, white witches, clairvoyants, etc. all had him under their control for years.  Stevie Nicks and company kept track of all of it.  I feel that it was also like an Alpha situation like with the whisperers in The Walking Dead.  I feel he was under their spells for many years.  He wanted to get back but they would not let them.   I don't know if it started before Bourbon and Beyond, or right after.  He seemed more like Tom Petty's spirit more to me after that, possibly after being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  I tried to keep track of it all, but its nearly impossible.  The Chain they talk about changes all the time.  The last few years have felt like that Coven season of American Horror Story.  I was surrounded by these gypsies gone bad for far too long.  They have misused their powers.  They have created a web of lies, these celebrities, and those they convert.  So many people have fallen prey to all the deals made during Trump's reign of terror.  They put the devil in charge for four years and the world came undone.  They tried to distract them all with shiny pretty things and money.  It is no wonder that God and others finally intervened with the Covid pandemic.  The world had gotten out of control. 
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