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Flip The Bill

New song I'm working on.

“Flip The Bill” 

I was making all the plans 

I was dialing up my friends 

I was ready as could be…. 

For all the summer shows 

And all the autumn glow…

I was ready as could be…

But what came next 

We never saw it coming 

Yeah, we were T-boned by life 

And it don’t have no damn insurance 

So we’re left to flip the bill tonight…

I was digging all the graves

I was counting up the days

I was ready as could be…

For all the shit you talk 

And all those things you mock

I was ready as could be…

But Death never cared to wave goodbye 

Does that make him some kind of liar? 

Or just a not so friendly guy…

We all meet right before we die…

No one shouted “stop, drop, and roll”

But we’re on fire… (or so I’m told)

And what comes next

We’ll never see it coming…

Virginia Bach 2000
DC 2003
DC 2004 (VFC)
DC 2006
Pittsburgh 2006
Bonnaroo 2008
Virginia Beach 2008
DC 2008
Philly (Spectrum) 10/31/2009
DC 2010 (Jiffy Lube Live)
PJ 20 night 1
PJ 20 night 2
Phoenix 2013
LA 1 2013
Memphis 2014
Jacksonville 2016
Greenville 2016
Hampton 2016
Columbia 2016
Fenway 1 2016
Fenway 2 2016
Wrigley 1 2018
Wrigley 2 2018
Fenway 1 2018
Fenway 2 2018


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