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What is DEEP?

DEEP is an embedded interface (Click the Deep Icon on the Pearl Jam website) which allows you to stream a selection of curated set lists or make your own playlists. You must have either a premium Apple Music/iTunes or Spotify account. See Step-by-Step below. 

Is the Deep streaming site free?

The site is accessible for paid Ten Club members (Digital or Analog) and also registered non-members, but you will need to have a premium subscription to either Apple Music/iTunes or Spotify

I am a Ten Club member, but I don’t have an Apple Music/iTunes or Spotify account and I want to stream live shows. How can I do this?

As a paid Ten Club member, you have access to Ten Club Radio. Log in to your Ten Club account then click the radio icon and enjoy official, uninterrupted Pearl Jam bootleg music.

I can’t get it to work, what am I doing wrong?

Please try the following:

  • Check your browser settings and extensions as they may be blocking access to the content.

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Our site tends to work best with those browsers.

  • Clear your browser cache and restart your browser.

  • If it is not working for your phone, try your desktop/laptop computer.

Why can’t I use Amazon Music, YouTube (or other DSP) with Deep?

Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify are the only DSPs available for use with the Deep site at this time. We hope to expand these choices in the future.

Can I stream the whole show instead of one song at a time?

Click the “play” button next to the show in the list, or at the top of the show detail page. That plays the whole show.

Any way to find those “Deep: Best of” or “Deep: Covers” setlists on Spotify? I’d like to save those in my playlists so I can access them from my DSP.

Yes. All featured playlists are available in Apple and Spotify by searching for the playlist name. You have to be logged into your Spotify or Apple Music/iTunes account to add or create a playlist and have them published to your account. 

I've added a show that I attended by mistake. How can I remove it? 

 Click the “x” in upper corner 

Why aren’t all of the shows available to stream?

These are the shows that are available at this time. We hope to have more available in the future.

Are there videos for any of these shows?

There are no plans to stream video on the Deep site at this time.


1.   Log into your Ten Club account or sign up

2.   Choose your Shows or Songs

          ●     Featured - has list of all shows at this time - scroll down on that page

          ●     My Shows - This initially pulls the available shows from your Ten Club Profile page in your account

3.   Add shows by clicking the “check/plus” button

           ●     Once you have added the show(s) click the “play” button

4.   Show Details - This has the information, songs, rating, and will have the option to purchase the show on CD or Digital Download

5.   Sign into your premium Spotify or Apple account - Agree to continue

6.   You can play the music you have added on the Deep site or by going to your Spotify or Apple account

7.   Enjoy!


Please let us know if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ.

Thank you :)

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    Any way to get the best of shows NOT to play alphabetically when you add them to your spotify playlist? They are not alphabetical on the Deep site.
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