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40th B-Day is Sunday Ohana Fest-- PLEASE SELL ME YOUR TICKETS :)

hill1426hill1426 Los AngelesPosts: 30

Hi Friends! For those of you who can no longer go, please sell me your Ohana Sunday tickets, or your 3-day passes! My 40th b-day is that Sunday 9/26 and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. I was able to get single-day Saturday tix, but the Sundays and 3-days were sold out.

I swear I’m worthy of your tickets! Seen PJ over 25 times- Went to the Chicago Wrigley 2016 show on my honeymoon (two days after getting married in L.A.), I went to PJ20 all alone as my 30th b-day present to myself. I had the time of my life and I’d love to celebrate my 40th with my PJ crew again! I’m even set to give birth to a goddamn baby in August and I’m ditching that kid just to go to this show (#badmom)

Hoping for 4 tix but will very happily settle for 2 tix. Obviously looking for a reasonable price. I have had to re-sell my PJ tix as well as tix to other bands’ shows many, many times and I have never sold above face value (WWPJD?).

Please! Pick me! Pick me!

Thank you for your consideration,


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