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PJ Survivor All-Stars -- Round 2



  • yelloe ledbetter
    'we were coming close to being on lunchboxes'- e.v 2000
  • emily18emily18 Posts: 489
    yellow ledbetter
  • DonJonDonJon Posts: 5,089

    Blown away by Save You's early departure
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me.
  • grjammergrjammer Posts: 385
    inside job
  • JP2026766JP2026766 Posts: 1,125
    Inside Job

    Mansfield II '08

    EV Solo Shows:

    NYC I

  • knittedknitted Posts: 244
    omg, save you is my favourite!

    i vote for Yellow Ledbetter, yawn.

    when my ears ring, my heart beats
  • inside job
  • arhoopsarhoops Posts: 110
    light years
    i only own my mind- i am mine.

    Detroit 2- 2003, Toledo- 2004, Grand Rapids- 2004, Kitchener- 2005, London- 2005, Hamilton- 2005, Toronto 1- 2006, Toronto 2- 2006, Grand Rapids- 2006. Cleveland- 2006, Detroit- 2006, Lollapalooza- 2007, Mansfield 1- 2008
  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,834
  • gonna have to say In My Tree
    "I changed by not changing at all"
  • Um, Light Years. :(
  • CitizenRickCitizenRick Posts: 1,079
    Inside Job
    "Had my eyes peeled both wide open, and I got a glimpse...of my innocense, got back my inner sence, baby got it...still got it"
  • bovy_jbovy_j Posts: 1,007
    Once again, Rearviewmirror. Love ya...but ya gotta go.
  • Yellow Ledbetter
    A real possibility I may meet you in my dreams ~ I go to sleep
  • snihsnih Posts: 1,052
    Inside Job
  • wolfbearwolfbear Posts: 3,965
    Inside Job
    "I'd rather be with an animal." "Those that can be trusted can change their mind." "The in between is mine." "If I don't lose control, explore and not explode, a preternatural other plane with the power to maintain." "Yeh this is living." "Life is what you make it."
  • State of Love and Trust
    Arms wide open with the sea as my floor.
  • 12345AGNST112345AGNST1 Posts: 4,906
    SOLAT that is one of the only songs.....take that back, THE ONLY pearl jam song i didn't care for live from this last tour. they played it WAAAY too fast and eds voice isnt deep enough anymore for that song. any other pj song live owns. not that one.
    5/28/06, 6/27/08, 10/28/09, 5/18/10, 5/21/10
    8/7/08, 6/9/09
  • Light Years.
  • Sonic19Sonic19 Posts: 159
    light years
    Stay positive and love your life
    Hooray Florida shows
  • in my tree.
  • doezdoez Posts: 9
    light years
  • MinimieMinimie Posts: 116
    State of Love and Trust
    Those who dance are called insane by those who can't hear the music - eV
    2006: Antwerp (B)
    2007: London (UK), Nijmegen (NL), Werchter (B)
    2008: MSG1 & 2 - New York (US)
    2009: Rotterdam (NL), London (UK), Philly(x4)(US)
    2010: Dublin (I), Belfast (UK), Nijmegen (NL), Arras (FR), Werchter (B)
    2011: Montréal (Can)
  • My3rdEyeMy3rdEye Posts: 926
    Light Years
  • glasshouseglasshouse Posts: 1,762
    inside job
    Athens, Greece: 2006/09/30

    "Call me Ishmael. Some years ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world." Herman Melville : Moby Dick
  • SpeakersSpeakers Posts: 252
    Hey!!!! Wake Up!!!! Light Years Is Still In The Running!!!! Vote For That!!!!

    Light Years Please!!!!
  • inside job
  • bernmodibernmodi Posts: 631
    In my tree
  • rearviewmirror
    Camden 7-5-2003, Camden 7-6-2003, Hershey 7-12-2003, Camden 5-27-2006, Camden 5-28-2006, Lollapalooza 8-5-2007, Camden 6-19-2008, Camden 6-20-2008, New York 6-24-2008, New York 6-25-2008, Mansfield 6-28-2008, Mansfield 6-30-2008
  • in my tree
    I like our socks. I hear we make a fine sock. I always say, You might not love our records, but I think you'll like our socks. - Stoney G.

    7/11/06 - Sydney 1
    18/11/06 - Sydney 3
    19/11/06 - Newcastle Baby!
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