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TRADE: TMR Vault 47 (Jack White/Masonic Temple 2014) for TMR Vault 31 (Margo Price/Hamilton 2016)

dankinddankind I am not your foot. Posts: 17,389
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I just received Vault 47, Jack White Live at Masonic Temple, etc., and I don't really want it.

What I do want is Vault 31, Margo Price Live at The Hamilton, etc.

Would anyone out there care to make an unopened box trade, my JW Vault 47 (at least, that's what I assume is in the box) for your MP Vault 31 (at least, that's what you assume is in the box)?

PM if so.

I see on Discogs that I'm apparently robbing myself of around $90 in the open market. And I don't give a fuck. I'm also still on the hunt for That's How Rumor's Get Started and Perfectly Imperfect at the Ryman.

So I guess if I don't get any takers here, I'll just sell this at the Discogs price and probably have enough money to buy all three of MP's releases that I'm after.

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  • HollisBrownHollisBrown Posts: 3,862
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    I have the Margo Price Vault release. However, it’s been opened, don’t recall if I ever played it. I’d have to gather the extras.
    Let me know if you’re interested.
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  • jakesevenjakeseven Posts: 15
    PM sent
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