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Ticket Re-sale

Is the Ticket Re-sale feature still available for the North American tour? I'm considering getting rid of the tickets due to some personal reasons but I'm not 100% sure yet. Just weighing options. 
Lexington 4.21.03, Chicago 5.16.06, Cincinnati 6.24.06, Lollapalooza 8.5.07, Virginia Beach 6.17.08, Camden 6.19.08, Camden 6.20.08, East Troy (PJ20), 9.3.11, East Troy (PJ20), 9.4.11, Wrigley 7.19.13, Pittsburgh 10.11.13, Cincinnati 10.1.14, Lexington 4.26.16, Wrigley 8.20.16, Wrigley 8.22.16, Wrigley 8.18.18, Wrigley 8.20.2018, Fenway 9.4.18, New York 3.30.20, Nashville 4.2.20, St. Louis 4.4.20
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