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Looking to buy Pearl Jam Complete 2017 Vinyl Box Set Ten Albums Limited Edition 500

chinklechinkle Posts: 3
Looking to purchase the 2017 boxset of anyone is willing to part with it! Needed for birthday gift. 


  • Some of the big time collectors on the board have some. If I recall, the box is what folks were falling all over themselves about back then.
  • chinklechinkle Posts: 3
    You are correct! Looking to purchase it as a birthday gift. Let me know if you know anyone that is willing to part with theirs.
  • 3days3days Posts: 896
    What are these worth? I have no clue
  • FR181798FR181798 Posts: 1,574
    There was a lot of fuss about these 500 boxes just filled with unsealed leftover LPs from the warehouse. Empty box and buying the reissues individually was the way to go IMO. Getting the box and a copy of No Code may be an issue now.
  • GibsonGibson TorontoPosts: 1,977
    Anyone got a price range on these?
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  • CP218430CP218430 Posts: 1,142
    Getting a copy of Backspacer is also randomly difficult. Good luck.
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  • tempo_n_groovetempo_n_groove Posts: 26,278
    5-600 for the box and the records looking at past ebay sales.
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 2,566
    CP218430 said:
    Getting a copy of Backspacer is also randomly difficult. Good luck.
    Wouldn't have predicted that. Just got avocado, riot act and binaural from 10c. Always wanted them and can see them getting sold out someday. I didn't want to then hunt for them elsewhere with all the boots around. Now if they'd just reissue lost dogs...
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