Marker in the Sand, and "that's what that line is"

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Marker in the sand is without a doubt my favorite song on the new Album. The references to the gulf war, the invisible battle lines between Israel and the Muslim nations, the religious fighting and God's absence in it all, work so well with the soaring, almost floating chorus which is laid on top.

BUT, with this in mind, I was caught with one of my most infamous "I thought the line was this, but I am a dope, and it was really that!!!"

My brain fart (which I actually like my line better, sorry Ed)...


"But God is nowhere, to be found conveniently,,,,"


"But God is nowhere, should be fired for being late,,,,"

What are some of yours?????
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  • OthersiderOthersider Posts: 19
    The first time I heard "Alive", I thought "But I'm glad we talked" was "But I'm playin' guitar".
  • obiwon76obiwon76 Posts: 568
    First time hearing "Comeback".

    "All these years, comeback"...

    I think I actually posted something like that on the board, only to find out I was a complete moron for reading the lyrics.
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    This song is so great and pretty relevant nowadays 
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