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Meth Head State Rules America?

Is Joey WV Really more concerned about meth heads and their ability to exercise their second amendment than whether you can grocery shop safely?

Anyone remember 2nd grade? Imagine that fucking horror.

I’m patiently waiting to be a victim, either personally or burying a parent, child, grand child or relative or friend. Freedumb.

Thanks Joey, you’ve got a stellar outlook on the future.
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  • bootlegbootleg Posts: 289
    We’re hardly the meth capital of the country but we are very poorly educated.  I’ve been voting anti Manchin ever since his daughter and her fake degree scandal basically took down a university president.  Guaranteed he was involved in that shit somehow.  He only cares about what’s best for him.  I’d like to see someone more progressive challenge Manchin in this state but here’s the dilemma.  He’s now most likely the only Democrat that can still win here.  So it’s either a  super moderate / almost republican Democrat.  Or it’s a full blown shit head Republican.  People here love their guns and they love their coal and they are very prone to misinformation so you can’t go anywhere near those issues cause they just hear “you want to take my guns away from me” And it’s a shame because up until semi recently this was a blue state but the working class feel like the Democrats abandoned them even though the Republicans do even less for them.
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