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PJ Survivor All-Stars -- Round 4 (LONG WEEKEND ROUND)



  • dirtyTdirtyT Posts: 3,620

    does anyone but me feel weird about voting off these songs!!
    Cuyahoga Falls 98, Columbus 00, Cleveland 03, Columbus 03, Toledo 04, Grand Rapids 04, Kitchener 05, Cleveland 06, Cincinnati 06, Washington DC 08, Philadelphia IV 09, Columbus 10, Cleveland 10, Chicago 13, Pittsburgh 13, Cincinnati 14, Chicago (1) 16, Chicago (2) 16
  • la la la

    solat once again

    Good luck in your run!
  • hard_sunhard_sun Posts: 382
    ...the north is to south what the clock is to time...
    419 352
  • smile05smile05 Posts: 600
    1:Black 2:Corduroy 3:All Those Yesterdays 4:I Got ID 5:Smile

    They can buy but cant put on my clothes
    Throw down my ace in the hole~~~~~~

    Let's go for three in a row, no sorry i can't think of anything thats not funny. - Paul Merton

  • GTF please.
  • Footsteps
    “Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — ‘God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.’” - Kurt Vonnegut
  • DavanitaDavanita Posts: 854
    oh well... now that Light Years has finally gotten the boot, it's getting tough...

    out of these, Corduroy i guess
    Jon Stewart: "[about Russia's new president]...Dmitri Medevvvevv.... Dmitri Meh..... Dmitri M.! Or... as George W. Bush would probably pronounce it... Eddie Vedder."
  • footsteps
    "Those who dance are called insane by people who don't hear the music."
  • JP2026766JP2026766 Posts: 1,125

    Mansfield II '08

    EV Solo Shows:

    NYC I

  • in my tree
    If I had known then...what I know now...

    the vic ~ 8.2.07
    eV at The Ryman ~ 6.18.09
    st. louis ~ 5.4.10
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  • ReleasHReleasH Posts: 743
  • TimTim Posts: 22
    State of Love and Trust
    Pearl Jam, Acer Arena, Sydney, 7th & 18th November, 2006
  • drivingrldrivingrl Posts: 1,445
    drivingrl: "Will I ever get to meet Gwen Stefani?"
    kevinbeetle: "Yes. When her career washes up and her and Gavin move to Galveston, you will meet her at Hot Topic shopping for a Japanese cheerleader outfit.

  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 6,585
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  • In My Tree.
  • BenzorBenzor Posts: 886
    footsteps again
  • Corduroy
    2006: Boston I, Camden II
    2007: Chicago
    2008: Hartford, Mansfield I & II, EV Boston
    2009: Philly III & IV
    2010: Boston
    2011: PJ20
    2012: Philly
    2013: Worcester I & II, Brooklyn I & II
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    "I changed by not changing at all"
  • asfoasfo Posts: 315
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  • AnonAnon Posts: 11,175
  • itsevobabyitsevobaby Posts: 1,809
    Y L B
    Look Alive,
    See These Bones
  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,847
  • This is horrendously difficult...I find myself wanting to abstain.

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  • solat
    the Minions
  • 12345AGNST112345AGNST1 Posts: 4,906
    SOLAT or Stupid Overrated Lame Ass Turd

    JK its great song.... just not that great.
    5/28/06, 6/27/08, 10/28/09, 5/18/10, 5/21/10
    8/7/08, 6/9/09
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  • NoelMichaelNoelMichael Posts: 1,629
    9-28-96 Randall’s Island NY; 9-01-00 Camden NJ; 7-05-03 Camden NJ; 10-01-04 Reading PA; 10-03-05 Philly PA; 5-27-06 Camden NJ; 5-28-06 Camden NJ; 6-19-08 Camden NJ; 6-20-08 Camden NJ; 6-24-08 NYC NY; 8-7-08 EV Newark, NJ; 6-11-09 EV Philly PA; 6-12-09 EV Philly PA; 10-27-09 Philly PA; 10-28-09 Philly PA; 10-30-09 Philly PA; 10-31-09 Philly PA; 5-15-10 Hartford CT; 5-18-10 Newark NJ; 5-21-10 NYC NY; 6-21-11 EV NYC NY; 6-22-11 EV NYC NY; 6-25-11 EV Philly PA; 7-1-11 EV StL MS; 9-3-11 E Troy WI; 9-4-11 E Troy WI
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    LEEDS 2006
    WEMBLEY 2007
  • rvm
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  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,984
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA  #ETTD
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