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Meaning of Deep

What do you think? I love the song, but i'm not sure what the lyrics are getting at, a junkie, a murderer, a girl having sex with a guy she doesn't love or is possibly getting raped?

let me know.
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  • mickeyratmickeyrat Posts: 21,320
    all that and more , I think.

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  • RevRev Posts: 3
    A friend of mine interprets it as a song about a junkie because that's how he relates to it. I personally agree with mickeyrat.
  • hey rev I finally got it figured out, i had 2 accounts for some reason... I was looking at Deep lyrics the other day I was thinking the same thing someone just kinda all messed up on drugs hitting rock bottom.
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  • MDMMDM Posts: 64
    I love this song. But fans don't think much of it, do they? Or at least I couldn't find any posts on these boards, which is surprising! The first time I listened to it it blew me away, and it still does! I'd love to watch them perform Deep and Garden in a show. Ahhh!
  • stargirl69stargirl69 Posts: 6,387
    MDM wrote:
    I love this song. But fans don't think much of it, do they? Or at least I couldn't find any posts on these boards, which is surprising! The first time I listened to it it blew me away, and it still does! I'd love to watch them perform Deep and Garden in a show. Ahhh!

    I agree Deep is one of my favourites ... and Black
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  • CantKeepMeHereCantKeepMeHere Posts: 2,177
    I always associate it with this poster

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  • i believe the bottom is only metaphoric, he starts out on a window sill telling you that to the sky above has a presence and the acceptance and situations are not only controlled but are against him because he knows he wants to be given a chance but isnt willing to work through the difficulty. the end of the bottom, he s in to deep: you can not recieve what you do not give,so no matter how great it may look s it is not enough. he becomes in to deep to turn back, christmas clean love, the young virgn and the skies above are symbols of the supernatural torture he is feeling most likely from the love a person that has left him alone or maybe even from his own mistakes. edge of the to deep! she doesnt like the view, so he sinks himself deep! there is more to this but i m running out of time i ll feed more later
  • EraserheadEraserhead Stoke-on-TrentPosts: 2,635
    It's about a child failing to get his swimming certifcate because he can't get the brick off the floor of the pool.
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  • julesandianjulesandian Posts: 487
    MDM wrote:
    I'd love to watch them perform Deep and Garden in a show.

    Every show I hope for these two songs and wonder if its only me that wishes they would play them!!!!!
  • number1PJfannumber1PJfan Posts: 3,747
    I can see it both ways. The junkie falling from status quo to too deep to help himself out and then as the junkie, murder and rapist. The later has always been my take.

    It is one of my faves too!!!
  • I found this text online identified as a quote from ""Melody Maker" bio of Pearl Jam by Allen Jones 1994. Ed was working and playing music and escaping to the ocean:
    For Eddie, surfing was an expirience almost as mystical as rock 'n' roll.
    People think of the sun and sand and girls, but surfing's not really like that,' he later explained. 'At eight in the morning, it's foggy and cold; you drag yourself into the ocean and you can't even see the waves through the fog. It's not very glamourouse, but those are the best waves. The still water's like glass- you feel like you're breaking the plain for he first time as you're paddling out.
    'It's a good time to think. Time alone is when you really connect to others, that's how thier philosophies work, but I'm still trying to get in touch with myself. I've held my breath and swum as deep as I could down into myself, and then had to come up for air,or the pressure got too intese, my head felt like it was imploding.
    'But I know I can go deeper, it's just a matter of holding my breath longer. I wanna hit the bottom of myself before I go hang out with a million people.'

    I didn't go researching the book or anything to validate the website I found this on but thought I would share what I found.
  • dtnmusicdtnmusic Posts: 29
    It's loosely about/for andrew wood. Reference 1992 seattle live album
  • Pearl34JamPearl34Jam TNPosts: 1,095
    I always thought of it being about a troubled person who is pondering suicide.

    I mean look at "On the edge, windowsill. Ponders his maker, ponders his will. To the street below he just ain't nothin', but he's got a great view and he sinks himself deep."

    Isn't that saying someone is looking out of the window at all of the people who made him the person he is? And he considers jumping out of the window?

    But looking at the replies above, I definitely now see how a drug addict could be involved. Either way, it's a sad tale. But a rockin' song.
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  • jason03jason03 N.C.Posts: 17
    Everyone is right! Such is the value of art, poetry in this case. Get deep ppl! Remember that William Shakespeare says it best in my opinion...
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing
    - Macbeth Act V, Scene V
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