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PJ Survivor All-Stars -- Round 3



  • stuckinlinestuckinline Posts: 3,138
  • State of Love and Trust
    Just, not enough.
    I need more.
    Nothing seems to satisfy.
    I said, I dont want it.
    I just need it.
    To breathe, to feel, to know Im alive.
  • in my tree.
  • chinobaezachinobaeza SantiagoPosts: 2,486
    Yellow Ledbetter
  • Light Years
    No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead
  • Can't believe inside job is already gone! My vote goes to light years.
  • rival.rival. ChicagoPosts: 7,776
    Yellow Ledbetter
  • GmoneyGmoney Posts: 1,618
    state of love...
    Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
  • light years
  • bovy_jbovy_j Posts: 1,007
    I can't believe Inside Job was knocked off before Rearviewmirror!
    I love all of these songs, but, for the third time, I am voting for Rearviewmirror.
  • Rearviewmirror ... !!

    :eek: ("Inside Job" eliminated ?!?! WTF ?!?!?! ) :eek:
    *** My real identity: ReleasemePJ ***

    *** "After silence, that wich comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music" ***(Aldous Huxley)

    *** ***

  • SchokiSchoki Posts: 5,068
    State of Love and Trust
  • memememe Posts: 4,692
    ... and the will to show I will always be better than before.
  • FedericoFederico Posts: 7,916
  • JP2026766JP2026766 Posts: 1,125

    Mansfield II '08

    EV Solo Shows:

    NYC I

  • Steve DunneSteve Dunne Posts: 4,962
    inside job is already gone? what a crock!

    light years sucks
    I love to turn you on
  • mookie9999mookie9999 Posts: 4,676
    In My Tree
    "The leads are weak!"

    "The leads are weak? Fuckin' leads are weak? You're Weak! I've Been in this business 15 years"

    "What's your name?"

  • footsteps
    "Those who dance are called insane by people who don't hear the music."
  • pjsteelerfanpjsteelerfan MarylandPosts: 9,832
    Light years.
    No way this song is better than inside job a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
  • solat
    Walk Tall, Kick Ass, Learn to Speak Arabic, Love Music, and Never Forget You Come From a Long Line of Truth Seekers, Lovers, and Warriors. HST

  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,845
    solat, this round has some crazy fucking voting...yellow ledbetter already, and black, and RVM?? all ahead of SOLAT, common people
  • caifan82caifan82 Mexico CityPosts: 321
    Light Years
    Mexico City - July 17th 2003
    Mexico City - July 18th 2003
    Mexico City - July 19th 2003
    Monterrey - December 7th 2005
    Mexico City - December 9th 2005
    Mexico City - December 10th 2005
    Mexico City - November 24th 2011
  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,984
    light years
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA  #ETTD
  • State of Love and Trust
    Toronto Sept 96. Barrie Aug 98. Toronto Oct 00. Toronto June 03. Hamilton Sept 05. Toronto May 06. Toronto Aug 09. Toronto Sept 11. London July 13. Toronto May 16 (I & II).
    Eddie solo. Aug 08 (Massey Hall II)
  • HawkshoreHawkshore Posts: 2,116
    Light Years
    Van 92.07.21 / Van 98.07.19 / Sea 98.07.22 / Tor 98.08.22 / Sea 00.11.06 / Van 03.05.30/ Van 05.09.02/ Gorge 06.07.22 & 23 / EV Van 08.04.02 / Tor 09.08.21 / Sea 09.09.21 & 22 / Van 09.09.25 / Van 11.09.25 / Van 13.12.04
  • State of Love and Trust
  • even flow?even flow? Posts: 8,066
    You've changed your place in this world!
  • Light Years
    MSG > everything combined
  • pajopajo Posts: 3,292
    In My Tree
  • Although at this point it will do no good it looks like, I'm still voting for GTF.
    "Oh, a flower you are to my land..."
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