FS/FT/ISO 2013 Wrigley, 2016 Wrigley and 2018 Fenway baseball cards

I know it's been awhile (over 7 years!) but I'm looking to finally complete my 2013 Wrigley baseball card set.  I made some trades soon after the show, but now I realize I'm 7 cards short and have 7 extra cards from that set (and one Boom sticker).  So, the 7 cards I still need are the Jeff Bat card, 1 other Jeff, 2 Booms, 1 Eddie, 1 Stone and 1 Matt.  The cards I need are pictured below.

For trade I have the following 2013 Wrigley cards: McCready Bat, 3 Booms, 1 Stone, 1 Matt, and 1 Jeff plus a Boom sticker all pictured below.

So, most logical trades would be Mike Bat for Jeff Bat, Jeff for Jeff, Booms for Booms, Stone for Stone, Matt for Matt and then I'd need to provide some 2016 Wrigley or 2018 Fenway bat cards for the 2013 Eddie I'm missing (or will buy it if that's easiest).  I can look up Ebay prices to see what would make sense for trades if you have any of these 7 that I need and want to trade or sell.

From the 2016 Wrigley baseball card set if you need any of these and have any of the 7 from 2013 I'm looking for, I have 5 of the 6 bat cards for trade (ironically Mike is the one I'm missing from 2016) along with lots of other cards if you have any of the 2013's I need and would like to trade for any of these we can look up relative values.  Appears most of these go for $2 with Ed's bat card around $15.  

Finally, if you still need some 2018 Fenway cards and have any of the 2013 Wrigley cards I'm needing, happy to trade several of these for any one of those.  Again, the bat cards (have Stone, Matt and Mike) go for a bit more than the others.  

Most of the cards are in near mint shape, but given how flimsy the 2016 and 2018 card stock is they are more likely to have a small ding but I will examine carefully before any trades. I realize going on ebay and just getting these last 7 would be easiest, but trading was pretty fun back in 2013 plus I have a lot of cards that I'd like to trade. Thanks for your interest!


  • Ok, I gave in and bought 6 of the 7 I need on ebay.  Just need the Eddie jumping card if anyone is out there with an extra one of those or has given up on the puzzle.  I've given up on the Webb card so just want the 60 cards to make the puzzle and  then I think I'll laminate it since hard to display otherwise.  
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