New Podcast from the Eyes Both Wide Open Guy!

Hey Friends! 

I know some of you enjoyed reading my PJ blog (, so I thought I’d share a new project (non-PJ related, but we’ll definitely discuss them!).  

It’s a podcast I’ve created with my buddy Brian called The Mindful Midlife Crisis. It’s a podcast for.  people navigating the complexities and possibilities of life’s second half.    

We would love for you to subscribe, review, and share it with your friends and family (if you think they’ll enjoy it!).  

We launched our first episode today on Apple Podcast, or you can listen on Spotify (Google Podcasts coming soon)!

Here you go! I hope you enjoy it! (Check out the blog if you want, too!) 

Miss your faces, PJ fans! May you feel happy, healthy, and loved! Take care, friends...
49 and counting...


  • BL221101BL221101 MinneapolisPosts: 56
    Hey PJ fans!  

    I thought I'd share our Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast we're working on again because we noticed a lot of international listeners after I posted it last time!  If you're a Pearl Jam fan, I think you'll enjoy the third episode where we mention music and it's impact on our emotional well-being.  If you're struggling with mental health, especially during CoVid times, this episode might be able to point you in the right direction to get some support.  
    Take care, PJ friends!  
    49 and counting...
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