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What was the Mother Love Bone Earth Affair Fan Club like?

YourDirtisMyfoodYourDirtisMyfood BostonPosts: 3,728
And are there any members from that fan club on the Ten Club?  Also, was the stick figure in that first newsletter the origins for the Stick Man logo by Jeff Ament?  Would love to hear some cool stories from back then.


  • Lost In OhioLost In Ohio Posts: 5,520
    It seems the original members (say 1995 and earlier) are the most quiet.
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  • GoinHungry94GoinHungry94 Albuquerque, NMPosts: 210
    Damn I’m glad I checked this out. That 3rd picture of Alive / Wash / I've Got A Feeling J-Card Message, I had bought that off ebay with a bunch of random misc PJ articles n such. I believe it came with a corresponding album promo b/w poster. So it wasn’t that cassette card but a 12” x 17” (give or take) poster set. It was immaculate until my room in the basement flooded. I still have it somewhere. Seems like they recycled the original Alive single’s message that Jeff wrote for the full album’s promo. 
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