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Minister of Finance: This is the end of the neoliberal era


Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson believes that the corona crisis will lead to fewer privatizations and market solutions in public Sweden.

- This is the end of the neoliberal era, says Magdalena Andersson.

At the same time, she emphasizes that this type of severe crisis affects how society will develop in the future. Underlying imbalances are put in flash lighting.

- I think this is the end of the neoliberal era that was founded under Thatcher and Reagan.

According to the Minister of Finance, it became clear already during the financial crisis in 2008 that widening economic gaps and with the state withdrawing create imbalances and inequalities that are detrimental to economic development. She points out that both the OECD and the IMF have since changed positions and says that economic inequality hampers economic development.

- In the future, we will see that what we need is more policy, more common solutions. I see in front of me that the 2020s will be a decade in which the demand for common solutions and more social democratic policies increases. This is a paradigm shift, says Magdalena Andersson.
"Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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