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lobb152lobb152 Posts: 187

Life is so strange. The reckless privilege of youth. No thought to past or future. Just the purity of moving forward while standing still. With the flow of time, inversely fast transitions to the material. The Meaningless. These empty collections keep us coldly warm in our solitude. The colors of childhood, once present have faded in full daylight. Walking through these twilights of gray; I can no longer remember tomorrow.

I am a nothing dreaming of something unknown.
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  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 3,412
    Colors of childhood replaced by colorful posters. Explains the merch craze a bit. Your words make me think about the quick dive I took into collecting. Innocent fun. but yes filling some void. Thanks for raising my awareness. Each day there is a chance to catch some light from the non-material world. I often feel that magic is everywhere as long as we tune into it. "With the flow of time" it's easy to explain away the magic and take a playful dog or a footprint frozen in the mud for granted.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post OP. 

    I choose to delight in my age today! Thankful I can.
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