Unexpected gift

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Its in the sound

I don’t know how it was done

but its captured there

in that melody

with that rhythm

its an ascending feeling

like an open portal where one can glimpse that miracles are possible

hope, open, up

hope, open, up


so like a quick view of the widest horizon

infinite sight line

oh, that familiar happiness felt

a beam of love

somehow its caught in that sound

that precise feeling!

like the love letter that arrives

the music has it inside

and if it was possible,

I would live there

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  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,648
    Nice. I feel that. Been chasing that feeling I get only from music. It's a unique beautiful place. See you there! 
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,648
    "I'm going to hike up to a mountaintop with a radio and some good batteries. I'm no fu.king Buddhist but this is enlightenment" from some Bjork song...something like that for sure 
  • rollingsrollings unknownPosts: 7,122
    a fresh brand new poem from justam...an unexpected gift for sure :heart:
  • tishtish gonePosts: 4,336

    I would live there and live there and live

    there in sound

    Only I can't find any

    There's nothing around

    Here in the black hole

    Breathes nothing but death

    No joy, only sorrow, loneliness, and regrets

    Live there, oh live there, on that wave never caught

    In the deep, darkest cave filled with poison

    and rot
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,377
    Tish, I put up a poem born from a truly happy impulse and your “Rain on your parade” response reminds me of a vandal throwing paint on someone else’s picture. 

    I don’t get why you’d do that but I accept that putting something out in public is always a risk.

  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,648
    Sorry you feel vandalized.

    I'd like to think you inspired someone to get some negativity out. Like blood letting. The storms come into all of our lives and hopefully pass.

    Keep the pretty going. The darkness exists and makes the bright that much brighter! 

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