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Examples of live albums/concert video mixing two nights?

I feel like this is very common. Like shooting/recording two nights at an arena and taking the best songs from each night to put together the live album.

But I can't  come up with many examples right now...

Do you have any?
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  • jerparker20jerparker20 St. Paul, MNPosts: 2,001
    Pearl Jam - Let’s Play Two.
  • Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder.
  • iammine16iammine16 Vancouver, BCPosts: 707
    Metallica - Through The Never
    Vancouver, BC - 2005
    Vancouver, BC - 2009
    Vancouver, BC - 2011
    Vancouver, BC - 2013
    Mountain View, CA - 2014
    Mountain View, CA - 2014
    Quebec City, QC - 2016
    Ottawa, ON - 2016
    Pemberton, BC - 2016
  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 2,673
    Foo Fighters live at Wembley DVD
  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot! (Chris Jericho)Posts: 23,928
    Sloan 4 Nights at the Palais Royale (4 shows not 2)
    1993 - Gimli, MB (Sun/Mudfest)
    2003 - Fargo, ND
    2005 - Winnipeg, MB
    2011 - Minneapolis, MN (EV)
    2011 - Winnipeg, MB
    2014 - St. Paul, MN
    2020 - Ottawa, ON
  • Of The AggieOf The Aggie The ATXPosts: 1,324
    Don't most concert DVDs take multiple performances?
  • DarthMaeglinDarthMaeglin TorontoPosts: 1,484
    Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same is another (I think it was 3 shows at MSG?).
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  • petted101petted101 Posts: 127
    Chill peppers Dvd called off the map, I think, was from a couple of shows. You could tell by the state of his mohawk.
  • I think Pete Yorn’s Live in NJ double record was mixed over multiple nights.
  • Also, Powderfinger’s Live in Concert double album.
  • RW8297RW8297 Posts: 1,425
    Queens of the Stone Age - Over the Years and Through the Woods.
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