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Must watch



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    Lol ”take away the 2nd amendment”

    Is this a cartoon Ive been thrown into. 

    And the US should raise taxes if needed. Just look around how far behind you are in certain areas. Let go of the weird pride.
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    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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    The guy in the glasses is saying : "sir, you need your voter registration certificate" 

    Or You Could Kiss Me National Theatre  The Arts Desk
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    People lie to one another because of fear. Lying is fear based. If you do what's right, there is no need to lie. 
  • mvwmvw Posts: 1,355
    But here is a list his accomplishments instead of a meme or Trump defenders intellectually dishonest talking points.
    Ha!  You actually believe this shit.  Most of you are all just brainwashed and don’t even realize yet.  Don’t worry, I still pray for all of you.
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    Thank you

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