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Possibly made a big ol' error over London

I let my 10C membership slip the other year so didn't get the presale for Hyde Park last time.. I got tickets (GA I guess) and got the refund and subsequently joined 10C again but as a buyer of GA tickets, got early access last week and decided I'd go for the 2-day pass (what the hell I thought.. there's a good chance it won't happen anyway again, but I was thinking positively) which was something like £140 - but I was given the option for 10C tickets with Hyde (is this the Garden area??) for £266.. which seemed a bit too much of a price hike. I know 10C tickets have been a little pricier in the past but was that right???


  • The 10C tickets were actually cheaper than than GA for next year.

    What you've purchased there doesn't give you access to the Garden area but gives you access to the exclusive indoor Hideaway bar. I'm pretty certain that it hasn't been in operation for previous Hyde Park concerts and that this (2020) summer was going to be the first time it made an appearance. If you look at the stage, then it is on your left hand side, almost behind the stage. Hope this helps.
  • The front section were TEN CLUB - 15 (think the 15 was 15% off the price) tickets and 2 day were indeed cheaper than the GA section £265 for 2 tickets over 2 days (4 in total). You can be very far back in that section at Hyde Park, so get in early for good position. 
  • Ohhhhhhh right.. it was a pair of ticket x 2. Bugger. Well, that's most annoying as I won't be able to change the tickets I imagine.
  • chelsea48chelsea48 Posts: 590
    But there will be people looking for tickets you can pass them to.
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