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Top Five Live PJ Show's

I got Nugs back in March and have listen to 142 shows since then , there were my favorite shows I would love top five lists so I can listen to other ones.

Just in order of year

7/30/98 - Inglewood - CA ( Ed's voice sounds more like a punk singer on this than even older boots )

9/22/05 - Halifax - Canada ( fun show , good mix of songs , Bu$hleaguer was a nice surprise )

11/21/13 - San Diego - CA ( maybe my favorite live show ever )

10/17/14 - Milone IL  ( No Code front to back just makes me realize it is my favorite album )

8/7/16 - Boston MA ( could be basis as I was actual at this show but I don't think I am )

Fun runner up - 2/8/03 Brisbane - Australia ( Mostly because its the first night of tour , Ed goofs up lyrics so much he starts laughing during a song and they talk about no one buying tickets to their Japan shows )


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