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Gigaton Lyrics

Force Of NatureForce Of Nature Hertfordshire, EnglandPosts: 727
Been listening a while and realised there are certain lyrics I don't understand and just sing anyway.

What do you think they mean?

Who Ever Said
The chorus makes sense but what are the verses about?

Superblood Wolfmoon
The lyrics make sense to me, except for the title lyrics Superblood Wolfmoon.  Is it saying the woman in question is as rare to find as a superblood wolfmoon?

Never Destination
What is this song about?  Leviathans? what is that?  some mythical creature, is that what Ed is really singing about?
When you make the drop, the gaping maw?  what does this mean?!?
And the outro, a girl who turned into a hologram?  anyone?

Comes Then Goes
A woodcut in red?  IS this like a piece of art, etched in wood that happens to be red in colour?  If so, assume this is something personal to Ed that maybe he and Chris carved or something like that?


  • tishtish Taking the loooooong way...Posts: 3,796
    Who Ever Said
    I skip this song and I can't think of any lyrics off of the top of my head, asides from the chorus which makes me think of a group of people parroting: "Who ever said", "Ya, who ever said", etc...,

    Superblood Wolfmoon
    My guess and your guess are along the same lines, except I think rare to spend time with (hence away too soon).

    Never Destination
    Leviathons to me is like sighting a pair of large sea creatures right before meeting the man of your dreams. Some other posters have a better take on the gaping maw line, like maybe surfing? The outro makes me think of Jem and the Holograms, again, no clue. 

    Comes then Goes
    The lines preceding the woodcut in red,,,, "she fell off the alter, you caught her again" makes me think of the scarlett letter A, for adultery. (Which is brought up in the Comes and Goes thread, where you will find more takes on this one; ditto for SW.) Like when you are married to Ed (alter?) and you cheat with some Metallica dude (and get caught), you might hear those words. It also makes me think of Andrew Wood. I don't think the entire song has to reference one person only, like Chris.
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