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Help Save Local Music

There is a GoFundMe fundraiser for a local venue in Portland, ME.  Covid times are hard for local musicians and the venues that support them.  Ken Bell, the owner of Portland House of Music & Events (PHOME), is in need of a little help to get him through until we can open up the venues again.  Ken is a great guy and it would be a tragedy if his place is forced to close its doors for good.  Portland has already lost one venue (Port City Music Hall).  We do not want to lose this one.  Any amount you can pitch in would be helpful.  As of today, the GoFundMe page is at $39,630 raised of the $125,000 goal.  Thank you all!!!  For the time being, Ken is hosting live streams of local musicians if you want to check them out.  Go to

Link for GoFundMe page (below):

Due to the devastating financial impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, our beloved Portland House of Music & Events (PHOME) has been forced to remain shut down, with no date to reopen in sight. As such a tight-knit community of musicians, bartenders, staff, and music lovers, we have resorted to what we feel is the only way possible to keep our favorite venue alive; and that is to start a gofundme page. PHOME has survived thus far by paying bills with no revenue for nearly 6 months.  Let's help PHOME stop the financial bleeding.  There is no other venue in the area that has provided more support to local musicians and artists.  WE NEED THIS VENUE TO SURVIVE.  After exhausting all other avenues to help PHOME pay the bills, we are now looking for the community to come together and save PHOME. If you are able to donate anything, it will help to buy some time until we are able to safely reopen the doors and share the live music experience together again. Thank You.


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