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Anthropological Analyses

Let me first introduce myself. Even though I am a member of his forum for a number of years (even started the Stray Dogs/ Lost Dogs post - which is still an enormous wish of mine to see this published. There must be so many b-sides not published!) and paricipated in  many discussions; even the serious ones. As a profession I am an Anthropologist (with a Dr. title and all), specialized in Political Tribalism, Identity Making, Extremism, the Process of Extremism within Sovereign States (not only people or groups can become more extreme and violent within their actions; States / Countries can do this also), Collective Violence, Mass Violence, Genocide and the Genocidal process.

I have written several articles on the topic: like peer reviewed articles (like this open source article: )or my book where I explore the importance of identity making even further and compare several genocides and their different outcomes: (This is btw no hidden way to introduce my work or has an commercial purpose. The article is open sourced and I received an advancement on the book: I get no royalty's.)

Besides academic books, I also write fiction. (From different genres; a childsbook, poetry and several "psychological thrillers" with sometimes a paranormal phenomenon  - but not always.)

Throughout the years I tried to analyse PJ albums. No by quotes from the band or reviews from reviewers - but the Anthropology within each album that Pearl Jam consciencely or  unconsciencely put in the albums. I asked Sea and Kat if I could make use of the artwork of each album; it creates more viewers and I always put a link to Ten Club. The analysis below here has been uploaded more than 4000+ times; some people must have bought the album.

Here is my first entree. It is in Dutch, but maybe out there, someone knows an easy way to translate and I can publish them also in English.

My first entree will be Vitalogy, which is in my book an artistic gem. It belongs (to me at least) on the same level as Sgt. Pepper, Dark Side of the Moon - albums that define a decade.

It is also an album with so many symbolim, methaphores entangled together. I even dare to say that this is the most experimental album they ever made and where the music carried so much weight; you can in essence feel the internal struggle. Which makes this album probably one of the most personal albums made with deep insights about society, social realities, social behaviour etc. (I think Edie Veder would make a great Anthropologist.) As an Anthropologist I can safely say that the observations and interpretation of these observations actually sometimes touches common anthropological theory: theories and analysis like made by Geertz, Foucault, Bordieu - thinkers that had an enormous impact in social sciences. In this album you see the true intellect, political views of the band and how they untangle the complexities of human behaviour and how you can articulate these complexities and place them in a greater context of social and political macro processes.

This album changed my life in so many ways. As a matter of fact it was this album that made me decide to pursuit a career in Academics in one of the most important topics ever (or at least imo): genocide (and how to signal and stop this process).

So a thank you to PJ, but also all the other people that made this happen:


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    Very interesting..i would love to read that in english..
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